Rolex Greenwich II series 126710 red and blue circle GMT watch, called Rolex Pepsi circle. And also lining up after queuing, from the initial table market The aluminum ring is then turned to the ceramic ring. Each step of the upgrade is to provide better and closer products to the table friends.

Characteristic new Rolex Greenwich II red and blue Coke ring GMT watch, using high-tech plating fonts. Better to solve the scale fade rickets, consistent 904L steel. Consistent GMT needle on the second layer and adjust the calendar by fast-turning time. The watch has a diameter of 40×12.5mm. The black dial looks stable and atmospheric. The white gold is easy to read Chromalight luminous hour markers (lasting light). The pointer is also Chromalight luminous pointer, 3285 automatic mechanical movements, 904L steel case bracelet, sapphire mirror, Superluminous, two-way ceramic rotating bezel.


(316L steel: 316L stainless steel is stainless steel. Good texture, strong corrosion-resistance, density close to iron. No impact on human skin, hypoallergenic, no fading)

(904L steel: there is no difference between the naked eye and 316L steel. The difference is that the corrosion resistance is slightly higher in special environment. And the allergies are carefully worn)

(Sapphire: anti-corruption, wear-resistant, hard. Because it is hard, it is more fragile, don’t bump or fall. Sapphire mirror with a finger tapping will make a dull sound or use a drop of water to mirror the surface of the water droplets are obviously high. Then sapphire glass; if the water droplets spread out, then it is not sapphire glass)


The lacquered black dial is inlaid with a three-dimensional white geometric time scale. It is black and white with a classic pattern. The 3 o’clock position is a magnifying glass calendar window. Under the light, the faint blue light is emitted.

The GMT pointer allows the wearer to distinguish at a glance. The general GMT function watch is a bi-directional rotating bezel. The GMT pointer is in the middle of the minute hand and the hour hand. The top-down needle second hand, minute hand, GMT hand. And hour hand are all placed in the GMT pointer. Below, the hour and minute hands are still the Rolex classic/code Mercedes-Benz needle design.
Focus on the ceramic ring, the red and blue circle stitching is more difficult to burn than the black and green circle. The faults tolerance rate is very low. The blue and red stitching, the transition place, a little deviation. The whole color is lost! Greenwich’s red and blue circle color has always been the direction of manufacturers’ efforts.

The red and blue circle’s [red and blue] is not red and blue in the ordinary sense. It belongs to dark blue and dark red. The year is different and the colors will be different! N This upgrade is also the closest color to the market!

The bottom design, the latest 3285 calibers, the quick adjustment of the hour hand adjustment calendar. The time-sharing mode consistent with the authenticity, and the time function of the two places, truly achieve the order of the pointer and the authenticity.